RoHun™ Transformation Therapy

RoHun™ Transformation Therapy is an in-depth and thorough healing process that taps into the unconscious regions of the mind to surface and release negative thought constructs and emotions that restrict, limit, and continually sabotage self. Through accessing the Higher Self and Inspired Mind, the RoHun™ process effectively and lovingly releases blocked energy and hidden shadows that prevent a joyful and productive life.

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Yhandi’s Inner Light (Inner Child & Adult Healing)

A life-changing process that heals the negative, repressed emotions and self-destructive thoughts stored in the emotional-mental energetic system. Healing and integration of the “Inner Child” and “Adult” result in peace of mind, creative productivity, clarity, and joy. This 3-day process addresses:

  • Stress Disorder Syndromes
  • Dysfunctional Family and Co-dependence
  • Core Issues: Control-Attachment
  • Harmonizing the Mental & Emotional Bodies
  • Healing Trauma

Transformation Session (Skype)

Many of the negative issues we deal with have roots in the unconscious mind, the store house for unresolved mental-emotional pain, and where perceptions are imprinted upon us. In order to create effective change, we need to use a language our unconscious mind responds to: images and feelings. Using this approach, a transformation session is effective in helping you relax and refuel, achieve personal goals, and reach a deeper awareness of yourself. You will be guided to heal relationships, let go of the past, and connect with your Higher Self.

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Brazilian Light Energization™ (Kundalini Energization)

In this unique and sacred process, John awakens and draws the kundalini energy up through the chakras to awaken the higher energy centers and open your intuitive vision. Energization™ evokes a mystical experience in which a sacred connection is made between you and Spirit.

Energy Healing

Energy healing techniques utilize life-force (prana) to balance, harmonize, and transform the body’s energy field to accelerate the body’s innate self-repairing mechanism. Acting as a channel of love and light, the practitioner works on the client’s energy body (etheric field) and chakra centers to cleanse and increase the amount of vital energy, while at the same time harmonizing the physical-energetic system of the body in order to facilitate healing. John uses Pranic Healing, Color & Sound Healing, and Reflective Etheric Healing techniques.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression covers memories which are below the level of our conscious awareness. It enables the conflicts from the past that have been distorting our mental, emotional, and physical well-being to be resolved. Symptoms may include phobias, panic attacks, blocked feelings, numbness, unexplainable physical pain, or recurring relationship problems. Regressions serve to heal the traumas that are locked in the unconscious mind.

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*Services provided are for personal and spiritual growth and are not meant to replace orthodox medicine or psychotherapy. The practitioner(s) at Inner Transformation, LLC do not diagnose or treat diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances, or make any health claims or guarantee any outcome. Information on this site or given should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. One should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health.