About John

John’s passion is to help you achieve emotional freedom and a strong connection with your inner power so you can enjoy fulfilling relationships, increased confidence, and inner peace. John specializes in guiding you to forgive and release the past, heal emotional pain, and connect with your Higher Self. With over 13 years of experience in the field of holistic health, his mission and commitment is to help you achieve a new standard of of being and living so you can experience higher levels of awareness, love, and peace. John lives in Ecuador where he hosts retreats for those looking for an intensive week of healing, growth, and inner transformation. He also travels throughout the U.S. and Latin America to see clients, and works with them over Skype.

John’s other passion is music! As a solo guitarist, he plays pre-World War II country blues. John is also part of the band Whiskey Breath, based out of Quito, Ecuador.

You can connect with John via Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Degrees & Certifications

  • Ph.D Candidate, Complementary & Alternative Medical Therapies (Fall 2018)
  • Doctoral Candidate, Metaphysics & Healing (Fall 2018)
  • Doctorate Intern of RoHun Transformation Therapy, 2017
  • Master of Transpersonal Psychology, 2011
  • Ordained Interfaith Minister
  • Certified Master Metaphysician
  • Certified Stress Management Coach
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • Certified Inner Child-Adult Healing Facilitator
  • Certified in Relationship Dynamics
  • Certified Spiritual Healer