ABOUT JOHNFebruary 17th, 2015 John's passion is to help you achieve emotional freedom and a strong connection with your inner power so you can enjoy fulfilling relationships, increased...
CEREMONIESSeptember 20th, 2016 As an Interfaith Minister, I can serve as an officiant for your wedding ceremony, or minister other celebratory ceremonies such as baptisms or christenings, clearing...
RETREATSFebruary 19th, 2015 My retreats are designed to help you let go of the past, heal emotional pain, and connect with your Higher Self. By changing your environment, giving time for...



I guide individuals back into alignment, connecting them to their heart, soul, and true self so they can create the life they want. I work with dedicated and passionate clients who are ready to shed the beliefs and habits that no longer serve them, allowing them to experience powerful shifts, transformation, and healing. Through one-on-one sessions, workshops, and retreats, I act as a gateway for you to step into those spaces of growth, and serve to empower you as you raise your vibration. If you are ready to experience more joy, peace, and fullness in your life, I invite you to take a step forward and find out if or how I can assist you, either via Skype or in-person in Quito.


Inner Transformation

Shifts and deep transformation are possible when you heal the mental and emotional blocks that keep you trapped and in pain, while at the same time aligning and connecting with your heart and Higher Mind. These shifts lead to an improved quality of life where you can enjoy emotional freedom, clarity, and peace.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Growth

Evolving into higher states of consciousness and connecting with something greater than ourselves requires more than just meditation, prayer, or yoga; it involves healing the repressed and hurt aspects of your psyche so you can bring greater light, love, wisdom, and peace into your life and relationships.

About John